Dog found alone at airport with a heartbre@king note from his owner

Dog found alone at airport with a [email protected] note from his owner

Unfortunately, the owner of this adorable dog had no choice but to abandon him.

A 3-month-old Chihuahua was spotted lying at a Las Vegas airport washroom. Many people saw it, but one particular man decided to get closer and see why the little one was all by itself. To his surprise, he noticed a handwritten note next it. It was a heartbreaking one.

As it turned out, the owner fled from an abusive relationship but was unable to take the dog with her. She couldn’t leave it with her ex either because he treated the dog with the same disrespect he treated her. One time, he kicked the dog so hard, that it was still suffering and was in need of medical help.

The note read: “Hi! I’m Chewy. My owner was in an unhealthy relationship and couldn’t afford to pay for my plane ticket. She didn’t want to leave me with her whole heart, but she didn’t have a choice. When we were arguing, my ex-boyfriend kicked my dog, and he now has a large knot on his head. He’ll most likely require the services of a veterinarian. I adore Chewy, and I beg you to cherish and care for him.”

Luckily, the man who took the time to check on Chewy wouldn’t let him there. He called Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue and explained the situation. Luckily, they were more than wiling to take Chewy in and provide him with the much-needed help.

President and founder of the rescue organization, Linda Gilliam, was deeply touched by Chewy’s life story. “My heart plummeted to my knees. I accepted him without hesitation and told my foster to bring him to an ER right away,” she told The Dodo.

Chewy is now doing much better and is on his way to complete recovery. Yet, him being separated from the owner who loved him dearly is a very sad thing. Gilliam says owners who are in an abusive relationship and can’t take care of their pets can always leave them at rescue centers where the staff would do all in their power to keep the pets and the owners together when things get better.

“As a whole, this is a tremendously underappreciated issue,” Gilliam added. “We also wanted to convey to Chewy’s mother that she did a heroic thing by rescuing him, and that he is safe and will have a wonderful life.”